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Copper-Infused Memory Foam for a Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep and a Better Tomorrow


We created our Copper-Infused Memory Foam to cradle your body and provide amazing pressure relief to help eliminate those troublesome aches and pains. It also pulls heat away from you – so you are comfortable and can sleep 
Resilient bounce balances the cushioning comfort of the Copper-Infused foam so you get the right combination of support and pressure relief in one mattress 
A strong core provides strength and structure so you get long-lasting comfort 
A plush, beautifully crafted, custom-designed Copper Fit® cover, ensures you sleep in cozy comfort 


5 Zones of Comfort

Using our proprietary foam sculpting technology we created 5 zones of comfort that customize to you, because everyone is different. This unique pattern will adjust depending on the pressure your body applies, cradling you where needed and pushing back to give you support – exactly where YOU need it.

 5 Zones of Comfort

Zone 1

Enhanced pressure relief in the head and neck area – so your pillow doesn't have to do all the work

Zone 2 

Your shoulders need enhanced support and we made sure they get it

Zone 3

You need the most support in the back area to help with those annoying aches and pains

Zone 4

The hips need a combination of support and pressure relief to achieve the amazing comfort you need to sleep

Zone 5

No one thinks about the heels, but we did. They put a lot of pressure on your mattress. We created this zone to provide relief


Compatible with your bed frame





100 Night Sleep Trial

Try the New Copper Fit® Replenish Mattress Risk-Free

Sleep on your new Copper Fit® Replenish Mattress for 100 nights. If you are not completely satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund

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We back up our mattress with a 10 year warranty

Your mattress is delivered to your doorstep and can be moved with ease into your home


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